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From Veris Research…True Performance in DP Flow Measurement
The Most Accurate and Reliable
Technology for Measuring Gas, Liquid
and Steam
Developed from aerospace technology, the
Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides
unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.
With its solid one-piece construction
and bullet shape, the Verabar
makes flow measurement
clog?free and precise.
The unique sensor shape
reduces drag and flow
induced vibration.
And the location
of the low
ports eliminates
potential for clogging
and improves signal
Superior Signal Stability
and Greater Resistance to Clogging

Clogging can occur in low pressure ports located in or near
the partial vacuum
at the rear of the sensor. The Verabar design locates the
low pressure ports
on the sides of the sensor, forward of the fluid
separation point and turbulent wake
area. This virtually eliminates clogging
and produces an extremely
stable signal.
In God We Trust…
All Others Bring Data
The unique and exclusive breakthrough
in improved accuracy
derived from the development of
a verified theoretical model
predicts the Verabar flow
coefficients This eliminates
the need for
calibration tests to
characterize the
flow coefficients.
Without such a model,
the uncertainty of the flow
coefficients is dramatically
increased and expensive
calibration may be required.
Empirical test data from independent
laboratories verified the theoretical
model and flow coefficients as a
constant, independent of Reynolds number
and within ±0.5% of the predicted value. The
derivation of the theoretical model and test data
is published in the Verabar Flow Test Report (ED-100).
Lower Drag and Extended Turndown
Golf balls fly farther because they have a dimpled
surface that
lowers aerodynamic drag.
The grooves and roughness on the Verabar’s frontal
apply the same principle. This simple design feature
relieves the
partial vacuum at the rear of the sensor, reducing the
pressure drag.
This extends the accuracy and rangeability to very low